Gilcoru Gretchen

Ginnie in the garden at home
Ginnie in the garden at home


Ginnie is a tri beagle, very loving, wonderful temperement with people and other dogs.  She loves to play and is very mischievious.

She has the most appealing head and expression, and has that "butter would not melt in my mouth" expression.

She has been show with very good results.

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Ch Gilcoru Stifler 

Ch Dialynne Take a Chance 
Ch Sentinel of Dialynne 
Shelaft Thats my girl at Dialynne 
Gilcoru Mistique 
Ch Dialynne Gambit 
Jandeday Alzabella at Gilcoru 
Gilcoru Mertle 

Ch Dialynne Masterpiece 
Ch dialynne Hallmark 
Dialynne Rosa Lea 
Gilcoru Angelica 
ch Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband 
Jandeday Allzabella at Gilcoru